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Miller Stark And Klein’s Guide To Stopping Bill Collectors From Calling

Bill collectors attempt to recover payment on overdue bills.Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates negotiate repayments plans with the debtors and assist them to get solutions in making their overdue bills cheaper.Bill collectors are relentless. They will threaten to take your house, your kids, your dog, or anything else they think might scare you. They may threaten to put you in debtor’s prison. They may intimidate through their tone, and frazzle you with their clever dialogue. They get away with this most times because consumers are not aware of the rights that protect them from this type of behavior.

Are bill collectors harassing you? Do they call you at all times of the night and day? Do they argue with you and use profanity? Don’t worry; there is a law that was put into action some 30 years ago that specifically outlawed this behavior! Do you know about this law? You’d be surprised to know that most of the general public does not!

The law is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA for short. This law was enacted way back in 1978 to protect consumers just like you from the mistreatment of the credit and collections agencies. 1978! Of course, the law has been updated since then, but this is the law that protects you from them!

The FDCPA outlines very specific rules for these collections agencies that they must follow, or face the consequences! What are those consequences? Those consequences are YOU suing THEM in court! That’s right! If you can prove that they have violated your rights under the FDCPA, you have the right to sue them in court! How much can you win?

According to the FDCPA, if you win, you can be awarded $1000 plus court costs. I know that’s not a lot of money, but it’s enough to make them take notice! The initial $1000 is not a lot of money, but those court costs can add up if you have the right lawyer! Trust me, by the time you finish suing them in court and winning; they will walk on eggshells with the next person they decide to play hardball with!

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the collection agencies out here abide by the FDCPA. But you always have that one or two that will, “…spoil the whole bunch!” And those are the ones that need to be reminded that YOU are the one that the FDCPA was written to protect, not them!Handling bill collectors harassing calls are as easy as just hanging up! You pay for your phone service, why let them abuse you? They will break all federal laws with their scare tactics just to get you to pay up

.Never give them your banking account details over the phone. Never give anyone you do not know your social security number over the phone.There are ways to pay off your bills. The first thing you need to understand is that you must have certain necessities first. A roof over your head, food, utilities, and transportation to get to and from work. Everything else can wait. Especially credit cards. Do not use them. If you have any, cut them up and never use one again.

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